Twitter: How Optimize a Twitter Account for Growth

Introduction to Twitter Optimization

Twitter, a platform used by many to share their thoughts through a maximum of 280 characters. Anyone can use Twitter for various amounts of purposes. It is a valuable site that allows you to reach out and meet potential clients continuously.

An optimized Twitter is an account that stands out. The easiest way to have your Twitter account be optimized is by being verified, but this is unrealistic for many new accounts. Besides, Twitter currently has the verification application closed. You will need to optimize your Twitter account yourself, or we can assist you in doing this.

Optimizing your account is not the most difficult thing to do, but we can advise you on how to best optimize your account with relevant keywords specific to your niche. Working with Zizzlo allows you the opportunity for branding, advertising, and growth all in one. We will first build your social media graphics kit, optimize your profile, and begin promoting and using growth techniques on your account.

Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

After you create your Twitter Account, you will want to maximize your profile. Doing this allows you to look better to potential followers, while also giving you better SEO on Twitter. Accounts that are optimized will be more attractive and can provide you the initial boost you need to get your first followers.

Followers are everything on a social media platform. These are the people that will consistently see and potentially engage with your content. Without followers, you will be talking to yourself. Followers are the key to growth, and you should do whatever you can to maximize your reach.

To start, let’s look at a few ways to begin optimizing your profile: 

Profile Photo on Twitter

Make sure to include a photo of you or your company logo as your profile photo. You will want this to be a high-quality image of you that looks professional. Remember, people will be looking at your account daily and will not want to follow someone without a photo.

If you have seen an account with the default egg profile photo on Twitter, you probably will not follow that account. The default photo shows the person was not caring enough to put their own photo on their account, so why should you follow them? Make sure to include a profile photo. 

Twitter Banner

Include a banner photo for your Twitter. This can be anything, but we recommend having one professionally created. At Zizzlo, we will assist in creating a professional looking banner photo that will help you stand out.

On your banner, we recommend putting in links to your other social media platforms. Linking to other social media will allow you to move followers from one platform to another, and help build your overall personal brand.

Twitter Biography

Next, you’ll want to create a short description of yourself for people to decide if you are worth following. First, describe your job or business in as short sentences as possible. Doing this, you bring more credibility and give people something to read which keeps them on your profile longer.

You will also want to link to other accounts or hashtags/relevant keywords to your account. For example, if you are a writer for BuzzFeed, you may make your description like this:

“#Writer for @Buzzfeed, retweets do not equal endorsements.”

Your biography does not need to be too long, but it should be as long as necessary. Make sure to include everything relevant to you, as this helps with SEO. Your biography will be arguably the most important part of this process as it is what will help you be discovered in search engines.

Here is an example of an optimized account:

@JohnTocci on TwitterTweets

When tweeting, you will want to use relevant hashtags and keywords to help your tweets get more impressions. Impressions, when someone sees your tweet, will help with getting discovered. The key to getting more followers organically is to get in front of as many people as possible. We recommend using 1-3 hashtags per tweet.

Threads are also another creative way to get more followers. When you make a thread, you will be allowing people to read more of your content, leading to more followers. If quoting a tweet, if you cannot fit all your thoughts into one tweet, make it into a thread! More people read through them than you think.

Optimizing your Twitter account can be done in numerous ways, and you should continue to keep optimizing your Twitter with different methods. Another right idea is to start scheduling your Tweets using an application like Buffer. Scheduling your tweets to send out when your followers are most active is essential in getting more engagements.


An optimized Twitter account is the easiest way to stand out to potential followers. You will want to make sure to follow the steps listed to jumpstart your account into growth. Growth techniques will not be as effective if you do not have a profile photo, banner, biography, good tweets, etc.

If your goal is to grow your account you will want to first optimize your account, then begin tweeting on a regular schedule. Next, you will want to be using growth techniques to continue to gain more followers. Do not try growth techniques without first optimizing your account because you will struggle to gain real, engaging followers.

If you have any questions, please contact our team and we will be glad to assist you in optimizing your account.